VSY - Goddess YogaThis class is a time and space for women to gather together to evoke their innate spirit of femininity, sensuality and self-empowerment; to create a tribe of sisters. We will use meditation and manifestation techniques, essential oils, goddess oracle cards, traditional Vinyasa while we incorporate the ancient art of belly-dance, Kundalini based breath-work and a sweet savasana. This class will be done by candlelight as we form a circle with our mats to construct unity and equality amongst all women. Please bring something to share as we create a personal altar that represents all who are present. There may be special themes or live music at times. Feel free to request any need or wants you may have.


VSY - Teen Goddess YogaThis is a fun, uplifting and empowering way that teen girls can come together to experience their bodies, mind and emotions in a positive and safe environment while connecting to other girls. The power of connection and community is a powerful source for teen girls to have. Through yoga postures and sequences, girls learn how to struggle yet find ease & balance. They will learn how to trust themselves and those around them. Girls will experience new ways to problem solve through using yoga poses and finding their breath as a new alternative to aggressive outward behavior. Teens will explore ‘mindfulness’, a new way of being and doing that fosters positive self-esteem, self-autonomy, self-respect, & self-resilience. This special yoga class will also teach teen girls how special and sacred they are by celebrating their goddess by creating ritual through: group altar, power of the circle, goddess & angel cards, essential oils, mandalas, sharing & laughter.



VSY - Tribal Flow YogaTribal Flow is a collaboration of poses that have been pulled from various forms of dance and Vinyasa yoga. By using pranayama (breath work), meditation, mudras (hand gestures) and a cool playlist we will get grounded, become fluid, empower our mind & bodies and create community.


VSY - Street YogaInspiring and heart-felt yoga class for youth experiencing life challenges. Designed to help youth with yoga and meditation in the real world. Areas for exploration and practice include communicating effectively, promoting healthy boundaries, handling challenging behaviors and situations, and collaborating with agencies.




VSY - Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) YogaSUP Yoga is fun! It gives a whole new dimension to yoga. There are many ways to arrange a SUP Yoga class. One being to anchor the SUP so it becomes a floating yoga mat or paddle out to a destination without anchoring and initiate yoga flow and then paddle back to shore. Poses and sequences are modified to accommodate the unstable surface of being on water. The most relaxing part about SUP Yoga class is savasana; there is nothing so serene & peaceful as the feeling the ebb-n-flow of the water underneath you. Do you fall in? Well, most people do at least once if not every time. I’ve known people to jump in and get wet right from the get go. SUP Yoga definitely provides a core workout from the constant use of your muscles to stay stable. SUP Yoga is also a great way to be nurtured by nature either in a morning sunrise class or by a sunset paddle. It’s also a great way to be able to practice while beating the summer heat and be out in nature with other like-minded individuals.


VSY - PranaKriya Prenatal YogaPranaKriya Prenatal is way to explore and experience the sacredness of your pregnancy through movement of the body and the breath. We will flow through specific postures that can be modified as the belly grows to create space for baby in the womb, help strengthen muscles and the pelvic floor as well as help to stretch and alleviate muscles tension created naturally by the pregnancy process. Creative sequencing with the mother and belly in mind can help foster a strong bond with baby to be.

Prenatal Yoga has been proven to help women birth naturally and retain internal control & confidence over body through breath during labor. Postures and specialized breath-work are not all that is experienced during class, finding total relaxation & comfort is the utmost ooey-gooey part of class. Also, the ability of sharing experiences with other women by letting your voice be heard and innate wisdom come forth is a sacred & empowering experience.




VSY - Partner YogaPartner yoga is utilizing two people in every pose. Some are partner-assisted stretches (one person adjusting the other into a deeper pose), while others are a series of poses where both partners mutually receive the benefits.


VSY - Couples Tantra YogaIt is the moving balance between Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, male and female. Often, Tantra Yoga is practiced between a couple to connect their souls on a higher vibration or frequency. The male/female aspect makes the practice of tantric principles within a partnership a stronger bond and deepens the connection between two people.




VSY - Vinyasa Flow YogaVinyasa means to, ‘arrange something in a special order’, like asana/poses/postures. Vinyasa also means to, ‘synchronize movement with breath’ and to ‘transition between sequences that move in a fluid state’.

In this class we will link our breath to each movement as we flow with fluidity transition between a creative sequence of poses and postures. We will stretch, lengthen, and strengthen not only our breath and body but our state of mind as well. Expect to sweat a little to a lot. We will experiment with floor & standing poses as well as poses that are along the wall and inverted. I am there to guide and facilitate your practice not dictate. Vinyasa Flow is available to all level of students and for all body types and accessibility.


VSY - Yin YogaYin Yoga is allowing yourself the opportunity to take your practice to a more restorative, deeper and meaningful level by holding passive poses for a longer period of time, approximately 3-5 minutes. This stretch will work down into the fascia tissue (the origin of the muscle that wraps around the bone), which is where it has been discovered that we hold onto our “issues” be it emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. By engaging our fascia we will be able to release these issues in our tissues and create a healthier body and mind scenario.



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