VSY - Wellness Coaching - Find Your True NorthWellness Coaching helps motivate individuals to see past their current barriers & perspectives through the use of specific concepts, tools, guidance, and accountability to achieve lasting lifestyle change. This helps to create an overall balance and well-being in life that brings about total wellness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The process of coaching to create lasting change entails a lot of hard work and commitment on the client’s behalf and is not achieved overnight. The average client that attains lasting lifestyle change works with their coach for a minimum of 1 year. A client can work with their wellness coach alongside a therapist or counselor at the same time. The benefits of working with a Wellness Coach are immeasurable.

I coach from a very organic and fluid perspective where mindfulness based practices & personal values plays a key role in the coaching relationship. We are considered partners, as we journey together, the client in the driver’s seat and I in the passenger, to help achieve personal health & wellness. I strive to create a unique environment where every person’s experience is their truth and their personal power is their force. I believe that each person holds the key to their true north; I wish to help all who desire, find the key that fits their lock.

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Basic wellness coaching is provided for individuals that will consist of a 3-month minimum contract and 60 minute coaching sessions once a week. This can be done over the phone, Skype or in *person.

*Please note that an in person session will have an up-charge of $5 per session.


Basic wellness coaching provided however this can be customizable to fit the client’s needs if more than 60 minute and/or once a week are needed. An up-charge will be added to the basic coaching fee, which will be determined by individual needs. This would also be appropriate for 1-2 individuals that would like to be coached together.


This in person coaching is for groups that consist of *3-10 individuals and will last approximately 2hrs in length once a week for a minimum of a 3-month contract.

*Please note that groups over 10 will incur an up-charge of $5 per session per person.


This is a personal hands-on coaching program for individuals who need more than the basic wellness coaching provided above. Clients who need that extra bout of hands-on support to see there way through current and periodic wellness challenges; they are then able reach their next step continuing the momentum of moving forward to attain their goals and true potential. I will come to you to work side-by-side as your personal support team, your self-confidence and guide. This program will consist of a 3-6 month minimum contract.


This is a renewable monthly fee that gives clients’ unlimited text and email support after the coaching contract has ended.


-All individual Wellness Coaching contracts will include unlimited text and email support during their contract phase. Group coaching is excluded from this service.


~Wellness Consultation: 30 minute Free

~Wellness Coaching 101: $40 Session (in person $45)

~Wellness Coaching 201: $40+ Session as per individual needs/request

~Wellness Coaching 301: $125 Session ($5 per session per person over 10)

~Wellness Assistant: $50 HR. plus any incurred expenses as determined by wellness plan.

~Check-in Coaching: $10 monthly- renewable each month

Please reach out if financial issues are keeping you from achieving your true north. No one should be left behind because of the dollar. Financial criteria does apply.

To learn more about how wellness coaching can help you, look at my FAQs page here.

If you are interested in wellness coaching, please contact me!

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