10603724_10152390347483577_5743377220598020098_nI learned that yoga was my path at a later age in life. It brought balance and serenity into my busy chaotic world. Yoga grounded my feet but not my wings. This practice I found, created a bigger sense of self that brought about confidence, empowerment and self-actualization. I became strong, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I felt vibrant like the sun. Though my feet were still touching the earth, I felt that I was soaring and the possibilities became endless.

Since those days in the beginning, my yoga has shifted, ebbed & flowed, circled back, took a nose-dive, found immense inspiration and grew new wings with a new beginning and attitude. I found my purpose through meaningful life experiences that was divinely cemented in yoga. I have taught yoga in many studios, juvenile detention centers, non-profit community centers, homeless centers, parks, alternative high schools, wineries, microbreweries, private homes and event sites.


  • I am an Aries
  • I am a Mother
  • I am a Gros Ventre Indian
  • I am a Goddess
  • I am a Free Spirit
  • I am Sisterhood
  • I love to rock out to old-school rock-n-roll and bathe myself in devotional kirtan music
  • I was a teen mother twice and a survivor of domestic violence – I know sexual trauma
  • I obtained my undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies & Spirituality from Portland State University
  • I am working on my Graduate degree in Health Wellness Coaching and Integrative Nutrition at Maryland University Integrative Health
  • I think fresh figs are divine
  • I coexist
  • I am scared of sharks
  • I want to learn how to hoop dance
  • I get blissed out from yoga trainings
  • I love the thrill of roller coasters and zip-lining
  • I feel the most at home when traveling and meeting new people as I immerse myself into different cultures
  • I am a foodie & red wine drinker
  • I am a belly dancer
  • I am a spiritual seeker
  • I wear silver jewelry with rings on my fingers and toes
  • I thrive and find serenity in nature
  • I collect books
  • I am a lipstick junkie – red is divine for goddess yoga!
  • I want to hike through Italy
  • I adore essential oils
  • I love variety, it’s the spice of life
  • I have never been to India but its on my bucket list
  • I still believe in fairies
  • I am not a cookie cutter yogini
  • I was born on Easter Sunday 1969
  • I am a student first, teacher second
  • I want to inspire others